December 6, 2021
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David S. Lorry
Managing Director and Senior Counsel *

Mr. Lorry, a member of the Portfolio Legal Services team, has over 20 years of business and legal experience advising clients in a range of industries, helping them solve a variety of business issues and execute business transactions. Mr. Lorry began his professional career as an attorney, practicing corporate, insolvency and commercial law for 7 years, after which he became an investment banker.

Mr. Lorry has experience with bankruptcy, mergers and acquisitions, capital raising, commercial lending, general corporate transactions, and related matters. Mr. Lorry received his undergraduate degree in 1988 from Duke University, cum laude, and earned his law degree from George Washington University National Law Center, with Honors.
Member of Portfolio Legal Services, LLC, an independent law firm providing services to Versa's funds and portfolio companies for fees separate from those earned by the investment adviser.
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